IVC Filter Legal Help

The legal help involved with IVC Filters

An IVC filter is a medical device with a spider like shape that is inserted into the inferior vena cava of a person who cant take blood thinning medication.The Inferior Vena Cava is the main blood vessel whose main function is to return blood from the lower part of body half to one heart. These Inferior Vena Cavavein runs through the abdominal cavity.


The main purpose of IVC filter

An IVC filters’ main purpose is to catch blood clots that originate from legs, and stop them from reaching thelungs.Furthermore, these blood clots may occur in different parts of the body. The blood clot in the leg is called deep vein thrombosis while blood clot in lungs is referred to pulmonary thrombosis. There are many manufactures of retrievable IVC filters which are supposed to be used and immediately removed when blood clot risk passes. However,patients should understand that if you happen to have a high risk of blood clots, it is also a risk getting an IVC filter inserted into you, you can first try anticoagulation drugs. If those don’t work then try an IVC filter.

Various risk involved with IVC filters

Variousstudies denote an IVC filter to be involved with various risks and even at some point leading to death. The various risk involved with them include, device fracture and migrations, and also perforation of various bodily organs.However, the government is also aware of the risk involved with these filters.

Why manufacturers are responsible for the injuries of ivc filters.

Manufacturers are supposed tomanufacture products which are effective and safe. This is why they are supposed to get their product tested before it is released to the market. There are many lawsuits filed againstivc filter manufacturers (Bard and Cook). Thereason for this isthere are allegations that these companies should have known or even knew that these kind of devices where defective. In addition, these companies failed to conduct the appropriateproducttesting.

The claims that patients can bring against IVC filter injuries

For any patient who has been affected by the IVC filter, they should first file lawsuit. The other thing they can do is file a lawsuit on the significant injury suffered it is mainly caused by these devices. When you file a claim, you are supposed to get a recovery but this happens when you work with smart lawyers like the ones we have at ivcjustice.com. By Working with us, you will be able to get a favorable recovery claim if the defendant is found to be liable for your injuries. They will be responsible for payingfor all your medical care even if itoccurred in the past. In case the victimhas died, thefamily is entitled to seek damages by filing an action of wrong death.


Why you should retain ivcjustice.com as your ivc filter injury team

If you get to retain us, will make sure that your lawsuit is going to be seen until the end, in which you are satisfied. This is because we have the experience and longevity to cope with all viable cases. In addition, you posses fullcontrol over direction of the entire case at hand.

from IVC Justice – Justice for Bard and Cook IVC Filter victims http://ift.tt/28O9dsp


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